Come! Journey with us!

Come join us on a Heavenly Journey. Together we can all set out on a Heavenly trek seeking a better knowledge of our Saviour and His unbelievable love for us.

As you join us on this celestial voyage many of your unanswered questions will become as plain as day. Together, we'll find Bible answers to questions like these:

  • Why would a loving God allow death, especially to those who are innocent and those who are kind?
  • Why are there so many religions in the world?
  • Is there really a Heaven?
  • Is there really a Hell? And what's it like?
  • Why do Seventh-day Adventists go to church on Saturday when most other Christian religions attend church on Sunday?
  • What are the 10 commandments? And are we still to keep them like God's people of old?
  • Do the commandments save us?
  • In these struggling times in which we live, what's the best way to keep our sanity?
  • How can we be truly happy and stay that way? 

Join us at the Waynesville Seventh-day Adventist Church and we'll help you find answers you're needing to these and other questions- right out of the Word of God.

Service Times:
Sabbath School 9:25 AM
Divine Worship 11:00 AM
Contact Us:
119 Hampshire Dr
Waynesville, NC 28786

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